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The Shining Pokemon Wiki themes on the Shiny Pokemon. You may not have heard of a Shining "Shiny" Pokemon, for they are very rare, which makes them so popular and valuable. Things to focus on here is to learn, apply your knowledge, and even share your encounters! We try to be nice and inviting to newer members here, so stop by and make an edit! It all helps!

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The Shiny Pokemon was introduced in the Second generation of the Pokemon games (Gold, Silver, Crystal) to emphasize the new color capabilities of the Gameboy Color. In the beginning most players thought their game glitched up somehow when they encountered a Pokemon of an incorrect color scheme, accompanied by flashes and sparkles. What these unsuspecting players didn't know, was that they were "lucky" enough to stumble upon a Shining Pokemon. Sadly, they usually ended up "fainting" them or re-booting their game, most of these later learned of their terrible mistake! Over the years players caught on and eventually started "hunting" these elusive Pokemon, sometimes as trophies, interesting battle Pokemon, or just for fun. The term "Shiny" Pokemon actually derives from the sparkly-shine they emit when encountered/sent into battle. Even though rare, there are millions of shiny Pokemon in existence today, will you add to the total?

Shiny Animation Edit

When one encounters a Shining Pokemon, it makes a sparkle graphical effect and sound. Here's some of the animations from the games.


Generation II Sparkles


Generation IV Sparkles


Generation III Sparkles


Generation V Sparkles

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Shiny Sandshrew II

A Shiny Sandshrew encounter from Generation II.