The Soft Reset method of Shiny hunting is where you use a series of buttons to "Soft Reset" your game to get a shiny that cannot otherwise be obtained.

The Method Edit

Soft Resetting is probably on of the most intriguing of the lot, for when it is done, you actually reset a Pokemon's IVs in hope of it being shiny. What you would do is press a series of buttons (as mentioned earlier) to soft reset your game, it is known as "Soft Reset" because it doesn't actually "Reset" your game to say, it just reverts to the title screen in-game. Why the games have this feature, I do not know (If you know, add it yourself!) but it helps a lot.

Button Sequence Edit

  • Game Boy(s) - A, B, Start, Select
  • GameCube - B, X, Start
  • DS - L, R, Start, Select
  • 3DS - L, R, Start OR Select

Chances Edit

  1. Gen II - 1/8192
  2. Gen III - 1/8192
  3. Gen IV - 1/8192
  4. Gen V - 1/8192
  5. Gen VI - 1/4096

With Shiny Charm Edit

  1. Gen V - 1/2731
  2. Gen VI - Unknown