Origin Edit

The Masuda Method is a method of shiny hunting created by Junichi Masuda, a director at Game Freak. With the DS's internet capabilities, new features were implemented into the Pokemon games, and so the GTS (Global Trade Station) was created. To motivate players to trade online more, he added this method into the game himself.

The Method Edit

To use this method, you must have two breed-able Pokemon, and progressed far enough into the game to use the Pokemon Day-Care.

You must trade with someone who lives in a country with a different language as yours, (i.e. If you live in America, you must use a Japanese Pokemon, German Pokemon, etc.) and breed it with one of your Pokemon. This method highly raises the chances of obtaining a Shining Pokemon through breeding.

Tips and Tricks Edit

A good thing to use whilst hunting is the Shiny Charm, but it is pretty hard to get, so there's some other things to help speed the process up. A nice method I use whilst breeding is I box my eggs until I fill a specified amount of boxes then I fly to the Lumiose City Centrico Plaza, since there's a Pokemon Center right at the end of one of the streets (meeting the Centrico Plaza), then I grab Five Eggs and my Flame Body Pokemon, and go right to the middle of the plaza then stick a penny, or dime under my circle pad pointing it to the right (left works too). Then My character is on a infinite Circular track to hatch my eggs nice and fast, then I repeat until I've hatched all the eggs or I hatch a Shiny.

Chances Edit

  1. Gen IV - 1/2048
  2. Gen V - 1/1365.3
  3. Gen VI - 1/512

With Shiny Charm Edit

  1. Gen V - 1/1024
  2. Gen VI - No Effect